About Us

What Is e.t.c. ?

Scientifically, is stands for the Electron Transport Chain. That may ring a bell from high school bio class. The Electron Transport Chain is a system in the mitochondria (the energy powerhouse) of each cell in your body. In these tiny little vestibules, something magical occurs! Food energy is converted into useable energy, or ATP. The whole process is very similar to plant photosynthesis, and we love it so much we named our company after it!


Most peoples' bodies are so damaged as a result of consuming unnatural chemicals, alcohol, and animal products that they cannot possibly function at an ideal state.  Eating tough-to-digest solid foods prevalent in our diets is taxing to all of the bodily systems, especailly the digestive system.  Juicing can reset these functions, causing you to feel, look, and perform better in everyday activities.  

The cold-pressed method that we use involves both grinding and pressing our produce; never heating or preserving, allowing our juices to maintain the complete nutritional integrity of the fruits and veggies and maintain the live enzymes of the plans from which they were extracted. 

This creates juice with more than 50% greater nutritional benefit than other juicing methods, and a trillion times more beneficial than pasteurized (conventional) store bought juices. 

Hydraulically pressed juices are easily digested, allowing for the live enzymes of the produce to immediately release into the blood stream, drenching the body with live nutrients.  It's great for your body and gentle on your system.

Some of the nutritional benefits of our ingredients


e.t.c.  juicery is the brainchild of Melina DiPaola, a local Bostonian who grew up in the North End area of the city. Diagnosed with a brain tumor as a young child, Melina was involuntarily thrusted into the world of medicine, nutrition, and concern for well-being. She also found the world of Homeopathy and Eastern medicine. Fascinated by her acupuncture treatments, alternative doctors, and juicing with her parents, she decided that health was definitely an industry that she was to pursue. Years later, while finishing her last year at Emerson College, Melina launched e.t.c.. Juicery as a way to introduce people to the wonderful world of raw, unpasteurized juice. Melina loves writing, poetry, and tattoos. She is also working on pursuing her love of fitness, especially cycling workouts.